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Educational Consultant to the Board of Directors


  • Post-Doctoral Study, The Principal’s Impact On School Improvement, Harvard University
  • PhD Education Leadership: Industrial Engineering, School Law, Finance, Texas A&M University
  • MEd: Masters Education Leadership School Law, Personnel, Curriculum Design and Implementation, Labor Arbitration, Texas A&M University
  • BA: European and Chinese Diplomatic History (Pre-Law), San Jose State University
  • AA: European History and Chinese Studies (Pre-Law), Skyline College
  • Darden Graduate School of Business and Curry Graduate School of Education, University of VirginiaTurnaround Specialist Training in MBA and Leadership program
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Organizational System Management and Learning Organizations with Peter Senge author of The Fifth Discipline
  • Du Pont Corporation— Leadership and Organizational Behavior: Effects on Organizational Success
  • Disney University— Organizational Marketing and Public Relations
  • Head of School--Narmer American College—American and British, Enrollment 1,400
  • IBO Instructor (5 IBO Courses) Katoh Gardens High School, Japan Enrollment 2,600
  • Middle School Principal, Universal American School, Enrollment 2,800 Kuwait
  • Principal Southwest High School, Enrollment 2,900, Texas
  • Principal, Glenbrook North Senior High School, Enrollment 2,900
  • Executive Principal, Charles H. Milby Senior High School, Enrollment 4,600
  • Principal, Clear Lake High School-Served NASA community (National Aeronautics Space Administration), Enrollment 3,800
British School Principal


  • BA (honors) in Combined Studies at Liverpool University, QTS qualification awarded through TTA scheme, Boarding Schools’ Association Diploma of Professional Practice Certificate, M.A. in Education - Edge Hill University and National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).
  • 30 years of experience, during this period he held several leadership posts in United Kingdom, Oman & the United Arab of Emirates.

Introducing CIS Academic Staff 2018/2019

Introducing Our CIS Administrators

  • Assistant To Superintendent Academic Affairs


  • Assistant to Superintendent
    Administrative Affairs –
    Dean of Admissions


  • Assistant to Superintendent
    Administrative Affairs –
    Quality Assurance Specialist


Introducing Our CIS members

British School

  • British School Principal

    Mr. Harvey Trump

  • Head of Key Stage 1&2 (Y1 to Y5)

    Ms. Nadine Iskandar

  • Head of Key Stage 3 & Humanities HOD (Y6 to Y8)

    Ms. Doaa Rady

  • Key Stage 4 Coordinator (Y9 & Y10)

    Ms. Dina El-Dahaby

  • Head of EYFS

    Ms. Barbara Hayden

  • Deputy Head EYFS

    Ms. Marwa Zakaria

American School

  • High School Vice Principal & English HOD


  •  KG Principal

    Ms. Soha El-Zalabany 

  • KG Admin Officer 

    Ms. Lolla Hegazy

  • Guidance Counselor & High School Admin Vice Principal

    Ms. Mona Abdel Alim

  •  High School Admin Officer

    Ms. Safia Essam

  • Vice Principal –  Middle School (G6 to G8)


  •  Middle School Officer (G6 to G8)

    Ms. Amal Omar

  • Elementary School Principal (G1 to G5)

    Ms. Stephanie Kattera

  • Elementary Office Admin. Assistant –  (G1 to G5)

    Ms. Nayera Azzam