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CIS Academic Philosophy

Capital International Schools’ academic philosophy is very simple; education is the essence of life. Educators provide a sacred service not a commodity. The learning process should be a pleasurable experience, not one that is stressful; we, as educators, act as facilitators of such an experience not only for our students but for our teachers as well. In order to secure a dynamic school community, it is important that leadership ensures that teachers are provided opportunities to thrive. As educational leaders, we have to empower our teachers, who in turn, will empower our students. Offering a quality curriculum that is tailored to help the diverse needs of students will equip students, help them explore and experience content, provide them with the opportunities to reflect and revise their understanding is an integral part of their learning journey. We believe that the Humanistic Approach for our students is the most convenient as it stresses the idea of a relaxed learning environment, where each student is respected and respects others. Students do not fear voicing out their experiences, they share their learning experience and are encouraged to be inquisitive. The humanistic approach is a move from the traditional teacher-centered classroom to a student centered one. Students develop critical thinking skills and evidence-based practical learning. Through providing our students with Innovation Lab classes, we empower them to discover, create, and develop ideas, to refine them into useful forms, and bring them to life. The innovation process begins with strategic thinking and setting the goal to create strategic outcome. We are committed to such unique approaches that distinguishes us from other international schools to ensure the readiness of our students to face the world with innovative skills that make them standout and emerge as innovative thinkers and lead to fostering a sense of ownership and authenticity in the students’ learning experience.