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Our vision is to cultivate and empower confident achievers with life-long tools that will enable them to be proactive and innovative global citizens who will strive for self-discovery, develop a love of learning, be tolerant of diversity as they nurture civic engagement whilst becoming admirable leaders who will embrace the full richness and to address diversity of the community at large.


The mission of CIS is to develop and empower confident learners with life-long skills that will enable them to take the initiative as engaged members of the global community who strive for self discovery, develop a love for learning, and be respectful and tolerant of the diversity of the global community in which they live.



We value and are committed to exercising leadership characterized by innovation and vision.


We value excellence in teaching and service. We are committed to promoting creative and critical thinking among faculty, students and staff within a culture of inspiration, high expectations, accountability and quality service to students and external communities.


We value honesty, fairness, respect, compassion, as well as professional and scholarly ethics among faculty, staff and students.


We value respect for cultural, individual and role difference. We are committed to continuous critical reflections of self and practice central to the true spirit of diversity, respect and human dignity.


We value open communication and collaboration. We are committed to maintaining a spirit of community where differences of opinion are encouraged.